Have Fun and Stay Fit with Sports

Whether you've got a competitive spirit that just won't quit or you're in it for the fun of the game, playing sports is a great way to stay active at every stage of your life. But if you've been out of it for a bit, here are three easy ways to get back in the game, get moving, and stay fit.

Look Local: Parks and recreation leagues in your area might be a great way to get back in the game, with very little cost, too. Discounts for classes and leagues are often offered for members and those within certain boundaries, so ask around, check Google, and find one in your area. Local leagues are also an amazing way to pick up a sport you might not have tried before, too!

Try Something New: Speaking of picking up sports that you might not have tried before, something new can be great if you're a little uncertain about returning to a sport you haven't done for years. There's no need to try and reclaim your high school football glory when you could be out on the field giving an adult kickball league a shot! (And yes, they have those!) Pickleball, roller derby, or even dodgeball might just be the new spark you need.

Stick to What Works: Soccer, softball, volleyball, football, and track and field are classics for a reason. A Google search is likely to turn up all kinds of group meetups that might match your particular interest, stage of life, or intensity level. Find a casual softball league of people who love dogs and bring them to games, or make some new friends in a runners group for people who love mystery novels. The options are endless, limited only by your search engine powers.

From casual to intense, long-distance to close-up, playing sports is a great way to stay fit. Options abound for every age, stage, and interest. Having a regular team, league, or meet-up means you'll be getting your regular exercise. So get searching, and go have some fun!